About Us

No job is too small or too large.

Our Story

A few years back, a couple of good ol’ Southern road dogs got together and decided to build some road cases. Like everybody else in the music business, they were tired of seeing other case companies charge ridiculous prices for mediocre products that would barely last through one tour. They formed Road Load Caseworks with a couple of saws, common sense, a good metal building and a lot of determination.

Word got out on the road that these ol’ boys were making unbelieveable products for even more unbelieveable prices, and had great customer service on the back end to boot! They reinvested all their first year profits into better tools & more precise cutting machines and hired some experienced case carpenters with road history. Combining the mechanical know-how with the practical knowledge gleaned from years of touring proved to be the magic recipe for success.

Today, Road Load Caseworks builds cases not only for touring artists and production companies, but also for A/V companies, moving companies, the military, you name it! If it travels and needs to be protected, odds are Road Load has built a Custom Case for it. And they still manage to cut the best deals in the business.

No job is too small or too large. Your imagination is the limit. The Road Load pros will help you design your Custom Case to fill your needs, in a practical way, for the best price.

Give them a call today at 615-400-3641, or email Scott Welch at scott@RoadLoadNashville.com and get your project started the right way. You’ll be glad you did!